Hairstyle for Weddings and Formals

Learn how to create an amazing hairstyle for a special or formal occasion with Megan, a PUREOLOGY hair styling expert. Simply create a ponytail with your hair, leaving out the sides, apply a hair shine spray or serum to bring out the best in your hair, and then wrap the sides of your hair over and under your ponytail.

This simple, yet elegant look is perfect for special occasions where you have more important things to worry about than whether your hair looks great. Be sure to use a hairspray at the end to make sure your hairstyle stays great all day or night.


Do you like Megan’s hair styling tips? For more hairstyle inspiration follow HOW BIZAAR HAIR AND MAKE UP on the Pinterest or make a booking with our hair stylist – CALL 9529 6568 today! We also stock a wast range of PUREOLOGY products. Make sure you ask our staff and get some goodies for your hair-do!